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Big Blue

An Overnight Camping Experience for Wa-Hi 9th Graders


WHO? The entire 9th-grade class, 40 upperclass student counselors, and Wa-Hi educators

WHAT? Orientation and overnight camping

WHEN? September 2023 
WHERE? Camp Wooten

WHY? An enriching, fun way to start high school—with new friends.

Overnight at Camp Wooten

• Campfires
• Stargazing
• Hiking
• Fishing

• Arts & crafts
• Environmental education
• Small-group activities
• Wa-Hi orientation
• Overnight camping
• Coming together

The Big Blue experience seeks to take all Wa-Hi 9th graders to Camp Wooten for an overnight camping trip during the school week as part of their high school orientation.

Upperclass students will serve as counselors as the 9th graders work in small groups, make new friends, try new things, and get ready for high school! A total of 440 students will get to take part.

Can you help us fund this program?

Is this like Big Blue Weekend?
For those of you who remember Big Blue Weekend, this program is exciting in many of the same ways. In the new Big Blue experience, students will camp at Camp Wooten as part of the school week. The program will be free for all students and will be part of 9th-grade orientation, with an expectation that all new students take part. The goal is to help students make new friends and get to know the friendly faces that will help them feel at home at Wa-Hi.
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