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Walla Walla 3rd and 4th graders are heading to the farm!

“How long ‘till this seed turns into a pumpkin?”

“Are all of these bugs good for the farm?”

“What do farmers do?”


These are some of the questions that are sure to fill the air at Welcome Table Farm next spring when Walla Walla Public Schools third graders take part in a farm field trip. 


The students will explore the farm in small groups, learning from farm staff about seeding, transplanting, and harvesting, beneficial insects, and what it’s like to be a farmer. They’ll have a chance to plant seeds, taste some farm produce, and maybe even take something home. The following fall, when those same students are in fourth grade, they’ll return to the farm to harvest what they planted, seeing the full circle of the growing season.


Emily Asmus, owner of Welcome Table Farm, is glad to be able to welcome WWPS students back to the farm. "On the farm, students are able to connect to all parts of our local food system- from seeding and transplanting, to learning about cultivation and irrigation, through the end steps of harvest, sales, and the best part—EATING!"


Walla Walla Public Schools Superintendent Wade Smith noted, “This program, made possible by a grant from the Sherwood Trust to the Walla Walla Public Schools Foundation, provides students with hands-on learning experiences and the chance to explore the long-cherished tradition of growing food in the Walla Walla Valley.”


Can you help fund this program—and other amazing field trips?

We're grateful to the Sherwood Trust for funding this program in 2023. With your help, we can keep this program going into 2024 and beyond, so every 3rd and 4th-grader will get to experience amazing days on the farm.

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